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Owner: Anita Konarska 


VIP CHECK-IN is a leader in the provision of luxury lifestyle concierge services to corporates and individuals to make your luxury experience unforgettable. We connect one business to another in the form of providing suppliers for any business or finding a company an investor or finding the right project to invest in for a investor company and many more. We provide our clients with easier access to luxury hotels, exclusive villas, private jets, exclusive yachts and luxury concierge services at greatly reduced prices. Additionally, we offer new job opportunities for everyone who are tired of searching for their dream jobs.

Aerojet ME (The Kingdom of Bahrain)


Owner :  Irina Duisimbekova

Aerojet ME has a strong experience in arranging private jet charter for any purpose, whether it be business or leisure. Regardless of the magnitude of your private jet needs, Aerojet ME can accommodate any number of requests in a cost-efficient and easy way. Our agents are trained to quickly and efficiently find the best values and solve problems in a timely manner.

360 Degrees Luxury Development. Ltd. (New York, USA)

Owner : Diane Marie Danielle


360 Luxury Development is a luxury company which developed the "DIANE Squared Model".  We use our model as a tool to design and develop unique ideas for our equity partnerships and client's businesses, as well as, writing, and or investing and implementing business briefs and strategic plans. We are backed by our 30 years in the luxury sector, and Diane's reputation for top quality and high integrity in Analysis and advertising or equity partners, clients, partnerships and alliances.    

The Athlete Tribe (USA)

Owner: Lee Elridge


The Athlete Tribe is a bespoke human performance group, created to coach senior business leaders and elite athletes towards achieving—and sustaining—their full potential. Founded in 2019 by Lee Eldridge, a leading human performance coach, The Athlete Tribe offers a unique performance system designed around the principle that Everyone’s An Athlete, using proven techniques in adaptive leadership and flow.

Ariodante (United Kingdom) 

Owner : Ricardo Araujo


Ariodante is more than just a luxury travel concierge company.  We offer handcrafted luxury experiences to the world's most disconcerting individuals, indulging your curiosity and creating meaningful and unraveled experiences within the art world.  With unapparelled access to the finest castles, museums, galleries,  and art gems of Europe, our extraordinary and unique experiences will surprise and delight you. Imagine being up close and personal with the brushstrokes of a famous artist, sharing a room where a King and queen once slept, or enjoying dinner at the foot of a famous monument. Attend a ball in costume of the Louis the XIV era in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles     

Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa (Costa Rica)

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Our story is the one of a nature lover that became a legend in Arenal. Costa Rican born Jaime Mikowski was a trained and board-certified architect involved in projects that ranged from low-income housing developments to single-family luxury homes. Mr. Mikowski had a knack for thinking outside the box. His hobbies and life interests led him to distinctive personal goals that included running coffee farms, starting Costa Rica’s first vineyard, launching a solar water heating company, and designing hotels all over the country. In the late 1980s, Jaime fell in love with a property at the base of the majestic Arenal Volcano, where a stream of hot springs ran through a marsh and grasslands. He convinced the local owners to sell him a share of the company that owned the land and spent the next few months persuading friends to invest with him on a wellness spa concept developed around the idea of a natural encounter. Tabacon is set on more than 900 acres of lush tropical reserve, home to Costa Rica’s largest network of naturally flowing hot springs. Tabacon offers 103 luxurious guest room and suites; two restaurants; four bars and a world-class spa.

Nantipa Resort Santa Teresa (Costa Rica)


In a sunny summer afternoon in 2010, three Costa Rican friends – Harry, Luis and Meni - were discussing their plans for the upcoming December family vacations. The consensus was a beach destination in Costa Rica. While reviewing all options, the landscape became clear: there are very few small luxury hotels that are beachfront yet in or near a town that offers restaurants, entertainment and shopping. Most beachfront Costa Rica hotels are located in large developments which do not have an authentic Costa Rica feel. Other smaller coastal hotels are not on the beach or are too remote and isolated to provide access to shops, meals and nightlife.

At that time, Harry owned a 1.5 Hectare beachfront property in up and coming Santa Teresa region, where celebrities were purchasing land and building luxury homes. This community of expats has developed an amazing culinary offering, and is gaining international reputation for its amazing surfing and yoga.

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