Tim & Tracey Kerin

The "Dreamers" of Casa Dare to Dream

Why We Chose Costa Rica


"Back in 2013, my wife (Tracey) and I first visited Costa Rica and stayed an all inclusive resort. While we were very pleased with our accommodations (room, staff, amenities, food, etc), we wanted to experience the real Costa Rica and we felt that staying at a resort did offer that same experience. Towards the end of our trip, we decided to have one of the staff members connect us with a local real estate agent as we toured several luxury villas in the nearby area for future vacation visits.


Several months later, we returned to Costa Rica and choose to rent a luxury villa in Playa Hermosa, bringing our son, Jason, with us this time. We also hired a private driver and van to takes us around and let us fully explore Costa Rica. What we discovered was stunning world of beauty with the locals and the surrounding areas.


Our area (Playa Hermosa) is primarily small, but away from the heavy tourist towns like nearby Tamarindo, offering a blissful surrounding of private tranquility with easy accessibility to local towns (Tamarindo is about 50 minutes away from us). And of course, each family member was completely taking a back of the incredible tropical scenery and who wouldn’t be. It’s a truly a completely experience view from looking out of a beach house rental in the United States. Costa Rica has been named as the “Happiest place on earth” and lives to up its name, for many of the locals we’ve met in Costa Rica are genuinely happy. Pura Vida, which translated means “Pure life”, is a saying that many of Costa Rica’s denizens practice and preach; a belief that’s easy on stress in a great emphasis on a simple lifestyle. Many of the local restaurants and shops we came across were both inviting and friendly to me and my family, making us feel welcomed in their humble establishments. What we learned is that Pura Vida is not just catchphrase in Costa Rica….it’s a way of life.


By the end of our first visit in a luxury villa, Tracey and I (and Jason) decided to build our own vacation home here in Costa Rica. We returned to Costa Rica that following year, renting out another luxury villa, while scouting out locations and existing villas to purchase. It is here where our dream began.....

In the end, we fell in love with Costa Rica and we invite our guest at Casa Dare to Dream to do the same."

About the Owners

Tim and Tracey Kerin currently reside in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. They are owners of several businesses. A commercial cleaning company in Washington DC. A networking organization called CORE Networking and a Worldwide executive virtual roundtable organization.    


Their son Jason Kerin reside in Florida too.